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Zimbabwean Walking and Canoeing Safari
PNG Trekking Adventures - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Walking and Canoeing Safari

This is the true African experience.
Walk and paddle with the animals.
It is up close and personal.
It is raw and out there.
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Cultural Etiquette

We have one of the best animal trackers in Africa guiding us through the bush and down the great Zambezi River. You will learn about the termites in the ground to the stars in the sky and everything in between. Expect to be up close and personal with all the animals.
There is no experience like walking with the animals. Looking directly into their eyes, not down at them from the back seat of a vehicle. This is an education, this is a one off experience, take this opportunity to learn about conservation and to see animals that your grandchildren will not get to see in the wild. Please note we are limited to 6 guests per trip.

You may ask is Zimbabwe safe? Yes it is.
Where we are going it is very remote. There are no cities or towns close by. There is only us and nature.
This is not a back packer expedition. There is a very nice level of comfort. Our tents we are able to stand up in. We have 2 made up single beds per tent. Our camp chefs cook up amazing 3 course meals using camp ovens. There is a choice of wines, spirits and mixers to partake in as we sit around the campfire in the evenings watching an African sunset. It is romantic and surreal. The best months for this expedition is between late August, September and early October.

Everyone can go on Safari, but unfortunately not everyone can go on a walking/paddling safari. This expedition caters for 12 years and older. Yes, you do have to be reasonably fit and healthy. Tracking animals is exciting. You are not running around the bush, you are stealthily and quietly walking up to the animals. You are walking each day to your mobile tented campsite. How long does each day take depends on how many animals we are encountering. The paddling sector is easy although it helps if some weight bearing arm exercises can be done prior to this. Its a very doable expedition for all ages above 12 years.

We always say that a smile, respect and common courtesy towards each other goes a very long way in any culture. 
Zimbabweans are very warm, welcoming and engaging people.
Do not criticise the country. Many Zimbabweans do so themselves but a foreigner criticising their country may offend. 
Stay away from discussing politics. 
Many Zimbabweans have lost family members through HIV/AIDS please avoid talking about this.
Do not wear camouflage clothing it is banned.  
Wear casual comfortable clothing. 
Small gifts are often given when visiting a Zimbabweans house. 
We always encourage gratuities in Africa. Remember this is supplementing a normally very low wage.