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On walking/canoeing safaris the general aim is to get closer to the bush and really appreciate the smaller things and also encounter dangerous game. 
This is not risky, if done properly the risk can be all but negated.  

Single file: Walk in single file, It means that we are seen as one mass unit rather than a herd that can easily be split. 

Don’t get shot: Stay behind James at all times. (In single file) there will be a guide behind us as well.  

Silence is golden: Walk in silence. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the bush. The quieter you walk, the more likely you are to see the more elusive animals like leopard. 

Listen and obey: Obey James commands immediately. 

Never run: Whatever you do, don’t run. Not even Usain Bolt at his top speed of 12.27 metres per second can outrun a lion. Running in an encounter is the worst thing that can happen: even unthreatening situations can be escalated because as soon as somebody runs, it’s game on.